Why No Marriage Is Legal in God’s Eyes

The disgusting, prolonged, and stressful debate on gay marriage in Australia is causing some in the government to oppose its own policies. The argument centres around the legality of marriage between a man and a woman as opposed to that of same sex couples. What most don’t realise is the role of religious convictions behind the refusal of some to justify the union. The Catholic Church figures largely in the current situation.

The former Prime Minister, Tony Abbot, had once belonged to a Catholic Seminary where he was training to be a priest. His ties with the then Archbishop of Sydney, George Pell, was an obvious influence in his position of not allowing same sex marriage. Ironically the latter is facing charges of paedophilia and is on leave from his role as number 3 in the Vatican.

Marriage was never a consideration of the Universal Spirit, the real God. Following my reincarnation, it led me back to Babylon to understand where marriage originated. The shock is that the Mother God of that city was ‘Mary’, the sun. Stylised into a woman men could ‘marry’ Mary by dying on crosses at dawn and rising with the sun.

Crucifixion was started there and carried forward in the Catholic religion after Constantine, an Islamite and descendant of its people, established the Catholic Church based on the same principles. Marriage is forbidden for priests who are deemed married to Mary.

As sex is an essential part of life such men who are struggling with hormonal needs are turning to easily acquired victims to satisfy them. Recently a tribunal in Australia has heard from hundreds of adults who were sexually abused as children by such priests and others.

Sexual partners are provided by God and throughout the animal kingdom there are examples of same sex mating. It has been recorded from insects to whales and everything in between. As humans are part of the animal kingdom the question is why should it be that human mating is any different or that chosen partners have to be of the same sex?

Formal marriage is a religious requirement and has never been addressed by God in any prophecy or in the bible. Much of the Old Testament is corrupted by men for religious reasons while the New Testament is a Catholic produced document initiated by Jerome.

So while the debate over gay marriage gets many riled up and the majority of Australians calling for it surely the time has come to ignore religious requirements and go for it. With people like Pell now out of the circle of influence there is no excuse for the current Prime Minister to hold up laws allowing it, especially as the pressure to do so is great.

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